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RV Maintenance Services

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Lube, Oil, & Filter

  • $129.95
  • $299.95
  • Includes change of the oil & filter (up to a $19.95 filter) and lubrication of the chassis

Roof Inspection

  • Inspect for cracks, voids, tears, and damage
  • Inspect all vents, vent covers, and antennas for damage

Roof Maintenance

  • Clean the roof with specially designed cleaner
  • Apply UV-blocking treatment which helps prevent chalking, streaking, and helps prolong the life of the roof
  • *It is recommended to perform roof maintenance annually

Appliance Check

  • Inspect for proper operation
  • Antenna
  • Furnace
  • A/C - Water Heater
  • Refrigerator
  • Range/Oven
  • LP Manometer Test (Propane)
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Awnings
  • Check TV for digital capability

Furnace Service

  • Burner Assembly - Inspect & remove spider webs/debris
  • Clean orifice & adjust igniter as necessary
  • Clean combustion chamber & vents
  • Clean module board contacts/connectors
  • Inspect the burner flame & adjust the gas or air pressure as necessary
  • Clean & adjust the thermocouple if needed

Water Heater Service

  • Inspect for maximum efficiency and safe operation
  • Inspect the burner assembly for cobwebs/insects/corrosion
  • Flush tank to clean out sediment
  • Inspect thermocouple
  • Inspect condition of the anode rod
  • Clean and adjust the burner
  • Clean the orifice
  • Test the pressure relief valve
  • Check the LP pressure
  • *If replacement of the anode rod is required, add $15.49 for Suburban water heaters or $18.99 for Atwood water heaters

Oven/Range Service

  • Check LP pressure and adjust as necessary
  • Clean and remove debris from the burner tubes
  • Test all burners for proper lighting and flame
  • Test oven temperature and adjust if necessary
  • Clean and adjust oven pilot
  • Check thermocouple - clean and adjust if necessary

Refrigerator Service

  • Check and clean vents of any obstructions to allow for proper venting
  • Clean burner assembly and orifice - adjust as necessary
  • Check temperature for proper cooling
  • Clean drain tube
  • Inspect door seals for proper sealing
  • Check LP pressure
  • Check battery voltage
  • Check operation on gas & electric
  • *Full day required to obtain accurate temperature readings

LP System Inspection

  • Inspect the regulators and LP tanks
  • Perform a manometer test
  • Pressure test the lines
  • Check all LP detectors

Check Water System

  • Check water pump operation
  • Check for leaks on the faucets, holding tanks, fresh water fill, showers, commode, and the hot water tank.
  • Pressure test the lines
  • Check all gate valves

Generator Service

  • $119.95
  • $129.95
  • Change engine oil and filter (up to 3 quarts of oil)
  • Test output (measure voltage, watts, amps)
  • General inspection of unit

Battery Check

  • Load test the battery
  • Add water as necessary
  • Remove and clean all the terminals & cables and coat with an anticorrosion protectant
  • *May require a charge prior to the load test. Additional $21.80. 24 hours required.


  • Drain lines & remove filters
  • Drain fresh & hot water tanks
  • Bypass the hot water tank if equipped
  • Air blow the system
  • Freeze ban all hot & cold water lines
  • Fill all of the traps
  • Dump the tanks & close the valves
  • Test & fill fluid level on all batteries
  • Includes up to 2 gallons of anti-freeze
  • *Winterizing additional items such as a water filter, ice maker, dishwasher, or washing machine are not included. These items are an additional $19.95 each.


  • Drain and flush anti-freeze
  • Connect valves
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Reverse the bypass on the hot water tank
  • Reinstall the hot water heater drain plug
  • Reinstall customer's water filter

Wheel Bearings

  • $179.95
    Single Axle
  • $349.95
    Double Axle
  • $499.95
    Triple Axle
  • Inspect the brake shoes and bearings
  • Repack and clean the wheel bearings
  • Check the operation of the brake magnets and the break-away switch
  • Check the trailer lights
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